Your Executive Responsibility: Risk & Finance

We all assume that Executives and Directors have the necessary skills to make the right decisions. However, some of you may recognise that uncomfortable feeling of squirming in your seat, when Risk and Finance related buzz word and issues come up in the Board Room.  And not knowing about them […]

3 Ways to Reduce your Exposure to Disasters in your Supply Chain

            (NOTA: Vea aquí este artículo en español) Imagine this. You’re driving to work one morning, on the way to your textile business, when you hear on the radio that there’s been a natural disaster in Bangladesh. A massive flood has caused considerable material damage and […]

Broken supply chain

7 Maneras de Asegurarte de que tu Plan de Desastre Realmente Funciona

                 (NOTE: See here this article in English) En el artículo anterior, les hable acerca de los siete errores en que habitualmente incurren las organizaciones durante el desarrollo de un Plan de Continuidad de Negocio (BCP). Hoy les vengo a hablar acerca de siete […]

7 Razones por las que su Plan de Desastre es un Desastre

                    (NOTE: See here this article in English) La mayor parte de ‘expertos’ en la Gestión de Riesgos y Continuidad de Negocio centran su actividad en generar documentación y no de la implementación real de los planes. Durante mis años de ejercicio […]

Broken supply chain

3 Tips para Evitar Rupturas en tu Cadena de Suministros

                 (NOTE: See here this article in English) Imagínate por un segundo, como se te quedaría la cara si una mañana de camino a tu negocio de textiles, escuchas en la radio del coche, que una inundación en Bangladesh ha causado una elevada mortandad […]

3 Reasons Why The Southeast Asia Haze is a Risk To Your Business

Since early September, a thick haze has been clouding Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the cause of the problem. Every year, fires are set off to clear forest land in Indonesian Borneo for agriculture, usually palm oil plantations. This year it appears worse due to severe drought caused by El Nino. […]

7 Ways To Make Sure Your Disaster Plan Actually Works

                 (NOTA: Vea aquí este artículo en Español) In a previous article, I described the top seven mistakes that organisations make when they develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Here are seven ways to make sure you do it properly and that your disaster […]

7 Mistakes That Make Your Disaster Plan a Disaster

                 (NOTA: Vea aquí este artículo en Español) Most Risk Management and Business Continuity ‘experts’ concentrate on documentation, not on actual implementation. There’s too much focus on ticking boxes to please auditors, too much paperwork, too much effort to maintain documents, too little implementation, […]