Faulty ATMs in ‘free cash’ blunder after technical glitch

Police have issued a warning after reports that more than 40 Commonwealth Bank ATMs have been dispensing large amounts of cash.

Police are unsure at this stage what has caused the fault and are liaising with the Commonwealth Bank, which has been hit all day by a technical glitch that has disrupted its online banking, ATMs and EFTPOS services.

A spokeswoman for CommBank said the issue had been resolved and the bank will seek to recover any money overdrawn by customers.

“During the course of the day some customers have reported withdrawing up to their daily card limits via ATMs,” said spokeswoman Nichole Willson. “These transactions will be progressively processed to customer accounts now that all services have been restored.”

“Where accounts have been overdrawn, the bank will seek to recover those funds,” she said.
“The CBA apologises for the inconvenience this essential maintenance may have caused some customers,” Ms Willson said.

Read here the Sydney Morning Herald article.

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