How to turn a crisis into an opportunity!

This video may give you a few ideas…

Here’s also an interesting word for you – “crisitunity”
See article below…


Susan Dominus, writing in the New York Times on 8 January, talked about CRISITUNITY, a blend of “crisis” and “opportunity” (though she spells it “crisatunity”, a less common version). It’s used by political activists for a problem that provides an opportunity to communicate their views and mobilise support. It derives from an episode of The Simpsons dated 1994, in which Homer’s daughter Lisa tells him that the Chinese use the same word both for “crisis” and “opportunity”. Homer replies, “Yes! Cris-atunity!”

Crisis opportunity

The Chinese word for “crisis” is made up of the signs for “danger” and “opportunity” (or “time for change”) which President John F Kennedy gave a boost when he mentioned it in a speech in 1969.

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