Virgin Blue flights delayed due to computer system crash – 100,000 affected

Monday, 27 September 2010

Virgin Blue passengers is trying to recover from a major computer malfunction that left about 100,000 customers stranded. Queues remained large, as Virgin tried to deal with the passengers left over from the day before and passengers scheduled to that day.
The failure of Virgin’s check-in and boarding systems on September 26 led to the cancellation of 116 flights, with reports suggesting that up to 100,000 passengers were affected. When the computer hardware failed, Virgin was forced to switch to a manual check-in process that simply could not cope with the number of passengers jetting around Australia, particularly with school holidays underway in many states.
Virgin took the unusual step of calling on passengers to cancel all non-essential travel and was forced to pay for many passengers to stay overnight in hotels.

See the Smartcompany news article for more information.

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