Faulty ATMs in ‘free cash’ blunder after technical glitch

Police have issued a warning after reports that more than 40 Commonwealth Bank ATMs have been dispensing large amounts of cash. Police are unsure at this stage what has caused the fault and are liaising with the Commonwealth Bank, which has been hit all day by a technical glitch that […]

99% exam pass rate of our delegates across ISO22301 courses and exams

We are proud to report that 99% of our delegates who have participated in the courses and taken the PECB exams since we’ve started hosting them mid 2012, have passed the exam and obtained the internationally acclaimed certificate. Become one of them! See our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and […]

Business As Usual - PECB

BCM ‘top tips’ webinar – Rinske Geerlings of Business As Usual is presenting

During this webinar, Rinske Geerlings of Business As Usual discusses the top 10 BCP ideas for organisations, large or small, that assist with preparing (at minimal cost) for unexpected events that might disrupt your normal business operations, such as denial of access to your premises, IT system outages and staff/supplier […]

National Australia Bank (NAB) account glitches affect millions of customers

Monday, 29 November 2010 Patrick Stafford A computer glitch that delayed transactions for millions of NAB customers and left them without pay over the weekend has been fixed, according to the bank, although it admits nearly 20,000 accounts are still experiencing problems. The announcement comes after the glitch became worse […]

Virgin Blue flights delayed due to computer system crash – 100,000 affected

Monday, 27 September 2010 James Thomson Virgin Blue passengers is trying to recover from a major computer malfunction that left about 100,000 customers stranded. Queues remained large, as Virgin tried to deal with the passengers left over from the day before and passengers scheduled to that day. The failure of […]

Training and ISO22301/ISO31000/ISO27001/ISO28000 exams – Business Continuity (BCM/BCP), Information Security (IS), Supply Chain Security and Risk Management

“Best training course I have attended. BAU’s trainer was knowledgeable, patient, and provided thought-provoking exercises and examples. Many Thanks.” – Australian Research Council   Being in business means taking risk For many reasons, your organisation needs a Business Continuity Plan and proper Information Security and Risk Management framework/practices, for example for regulatory […]

How to turn a crisis into an opportunity!

This video may give you a few ideas… Here’s also an interesting word for you – “crisitunity” See article below… NOT A PROBLEM BUT AN OPPORTUNITY Susan Dominus, writing in the New York Times on 8 January, talked about CRISITUNITY, a blend of “crisis” and “opportunity” (though she spells it […]

Cables cut: CBD phone and internet services lost

The Age – ARJUN RAMACHANDRAN – September 16, 2009 Thousands of homes and businesses in Sydney’s CBD will be without phone, internet or mobile services today – and some could be cut off for several days – after a contractor accidentally severed crucial underground cables. While the exact extent of […]