Your Executive Responsibility: Risk & Finance

We all assume that Executives and Directors have the necessary skills to make the right decisions.

However, some of you may recognise that uncomfortable feeling of squirming in your seat, when Risk and Finance related buzz word and issues come up in the Board Room.  And not knowing about them is not an option… it’s a regulatory requirement.

This range of seminars solves this knowledge gap, by training people at this senior level. Risk issues such as Business Continuity, Cyber Security, the Cloud. Finance issues like not understanding or optimally interpreting financial reports, and not being able to participate and contribute to the decision-making discussions and impact assessments.

Together with Figure 8 Finance, we have developed specific content for senior managers, and we’re hosting a series of unique, 1-day seminars that cover both Risk and Finance.

Our next Sydney event is on Thursday 9th March 2017 at the Hilton Hotel.

This is the opportunity for you and your peers, to gain the knowledge to demystify these issues, reduce your anxiety and be able participate with confidence and clarity.

Download a full event brochure here.

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