About us

Business As Usual (BAU) was founded in 2006. Our dynamic, innovative team of consultants specialises in gap analysis, process improvement (including world-class templates and best practice frameworks), rehearsals/tests/exercises/assessments and training services, in the areas of:

  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Business Continuity Planning (BCP);
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) planning / IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM);
  • Risk Management;
  • Crisis Management; and
  • Information Security Management.

BAU has successfully competed against the Big Four to work with prestigious clients including 10 Central Banks, BBC WorldWide, Toll, Shell, Lonely Planet, Boeing, Fuji Xerox, Fijitsu, St George Bank, NIB, Toga, ASIC, Departments of Defence, Immigration, Health, Industry, Education and 100s of other mid-size and large corporates as well as Government agencies around the globe.

BAU is able to deliver all services according to industry best practices. BAU has extensive experience in developing and testing BCPs and training staff/managers across a range of industries.

BAU’s services are performed in accordance with APRA (GPS222/APS232) Prudential Standard for BCP, Australian Standard HB221/292, AU/NZ 5050, COBIT DS4, BS25999, ISO22301 (Business Continuity), ISO31000 (Risk Management), ISO28000 (Supply Chain Security), ISO27001 (Information Security) and ITIL SCM (IT Service Continuity framework), and in line with AS4360 (Risk Management).

BAU services include internal and external audits, achieving organisational buy-in and awareness of BCP/DR/IS/Risk, facilitating disaster simulations, preparing Executive Board presentations, integrating IT Service Continuity with overall Business Continuity plans and conducting Business Process Improvement projects.


Our Founder, MD and Principal Consultant/Trainer

Ms Rinske Geerlings, Risk Consultant of the Year 2017 (RMIA – Australasia) 

Rinske Geerlings

Rinske Geerlings

Ms Rinske Geerlings, Managing Director of Business As Usual, has more than 20 years’ experience in BCP, IT Management and Business Process Improvement work – gained during roles in IT, Financial Services, Consulting and Training work across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

The progress and deliverables of projects are conducted under guidance of Ms Geerlings, who also holds MBCI accreditation (Business Continuity Institute, UK), the Certified Business Continuity Planner accreditation (CBCP – Disaster Recovery Institute International, USA), a Master’s Degree in Engineering and a range of IT and Project Management certifications including ITIL, COBIT and Prince2.






Why Business As Usual?

1) Engagement of your own staff is number one

On paper you may have great peocess documentation. But is ‘it hits the fan’ tomorow, who of your staff actually know their role in the event of an actual incident? And was the BCP updated /tested recently? Who actually knows the initial responses to a Cyber incident and has recently practiced them or validated them with colleagues and external suppliers? We pride ourselves in facilitating the hands-on uptake of new processes and procedures by your staff – and ensuring this is achieved in a fun and practical way, with agile (‘sticky note’) workshops and interactive ‘gaming’ techniques.

2) Unique combination of qualifications and skills

BAU holds the rare combination of skills and qualifications i.e. Business Continuity related certifications (CBCP / Disaster Recovery Institute International, and MBCI / Business Continuity Institute), supplemented by Risk Management, Information Security and IT certifications (including COBIT and ITIL Master).

BAU has been assisting customers, small and large, with process improvement work. In addition, BAU has extensive training/facilitation experience, and has been conducting at least 15 ‘Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery’, ‘Risk Managemet’ and ‘Information/Cyber Security’ training programs per annum.

We are a certified Gold partner of the PECB in relation to ISO31000 (Risk Management), ISO27001 (Information Security) and ISO22301 (the new world standard on BCM). We conduct certification training and host ISO exams.

3) Top-quality, internationally experienced consultants 

Considering BAU involves the right consultants from all over the world, at the right time, for the right project, each customer can be sure of optimal resourcing based on their requirements, industry and location.

BAU’s consultants are all fully trained and experienced in utilising BAU’s best practice templates and methodologies.

As Business As Usual provides consultancy and training services across a broad range of organisations and industries (Public and Private sectors), clients benefit from this expertise and receive best-practice assistance with the ‘way forward’ recommendations for implementing process improvements.

4) Tried & tested frameworks and methodologies

Over the years, BAU has optimised constantly how Business Continuity, Risk Management, InfoSec and related processes are best implemented, ensuring a limited effort from customers’ staff and managers involved. These often perceived as ‘dry and boring’ processes are tackled by BAU in an efficient, user-friendly and engaging way.

5) Real-life, operational, global experience across sectors

We have implemented entire Risk Management, Information Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management processes ‘from scratch’ by using best-practice process methodologies and widely accepted standards, including Australian Standard HB221, the APRA standard, ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO31000, ITIL, COBIT and Prince2.

This process has also included defining various disaster scenarios, training all staff and managers involved, and testing for a range of Business Continuity events on a regular basis.

In addition, our key staff have built up extensive Management Consulting and Training experience, assisting Corporate clients (e.g. in the Finance industry, Retail, Manufacturing, Transport, Insurance, Printing, Publishing, Emergency Services, Hospitality and Information Technology sectors) as well as national/state/local Government clients.


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